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Ablas Solo Simporé was born with a farmer’s family in Zuenoula, Ivory Coast on July 25, 1964.
Rebelling against his strict religious family, Solo left Ivory Coast for Burkina Faso at the age of 20. Here he started to pursue the musical career his parents had always resisted.
His first musical influences were from African musicians like Salif Keita, Franco and Sam Fan Thomas. Later he discovered the great Reggae musicians: Bob Marley, Alpha Blondy, Jimmy Cliff and Burning Spear.

His musical career started with small bands in Burkina Faso where he performed as a percussionist/ backing vocalist. He started writing his own music in “Dioula” one of the main West-African languages.
In august 1987 he first visited Europe: Italy and Holland.
After three months he returned to Africa where he started to play with “The Positive Souls”, a band that played both traditional and modern African music. With this well known Ghanaian band he performed in Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo.
In august 1987 he returned to Amsterdam and this time he would stay.
He recovered his work as a percussionist with an African dance group at the Melkweg, started drumming with an African band called “Kumbi-Salhe”, played as a percussionist in another African band called “African-Solly”and gave djembé workshops at primary schools.
In his free time Solo used to compose his own music which was a mix of both African music and reggae. In April 1988 he met the musicians with whom he found the African roots-reggae band “Exile Vibration”.

However the fast growing success of the band led to some internal struggles. This caused the band to break- up after existing for almost two years.
After the break-up Solo returned to Africa for three months. When he came back to Amsterdam he started to record some of his existing material. (Releasing his single “Seba”.)
After six months he founded a second formation: “Ablas Solo & the Exile Vibration”.
After a year there were some switches of band members and some new members (with new Instruments) joined the band. The new Ablas Solo & the Exile Vibration is the perfect balance of ten very different, yet very connected members.

When on stage the formation proves every time again their perfect balance and with the unique horn section Ablas Solo and the Exile Vibration are well known nowadays. The influence of Burning Spear and fellow countryman
Alpha Blondy you hear and see. But the band has clearly it’s own sound, that proves Ablas Solo‘s reggae can stand universally with all the great reggae artist.
Solo writes his varied songs in English, French, Djoula and Moré. Languages spoken in Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.
From the first tones the emotional vibrating roots-reggae of Ablas Solo and the Exile vibration takes you away.