Israel Vibration is one of the most successful "roots" reggae groups formed in the 70's. Three young people, Apple , Skelly and Wiss, all childhood sufferers of polio, met at a rehabilitation centre in Kingston and decided to combine their beautiful voices in a vocal trio.
Discriminated against due to their Rastafarian beliefs, the three boys faced hard times, living literally in the streets of the ghettos of Kingston, until their music caught the attention of Tommy Cowan, producer for the Twelve Tribes of Israel, who produced their first singles and their fabulous debut album "The Same Song".
After a period in which the group split up, they reformed in the 80's and retook their place as representatives of true roots reggae. However Apple left to pursue a solo career and the group now consists of the other two founding members, Wiss and Skelly.
Their backing band is a modern incarnation of the legendary Roots Radics, creators of the early dancehall sound in the early eighties and who had great success working with the producer Junjo Lawes. The core of the current Roots Radics revolves around the recomposed rhythm section: Flabba Holt on bass and Stylee Scott on the drums.
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